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Founded in 1958, HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation.


2015 Ambassadors
The 2015 NJ HOBY Ambassadors

HOBY programs are conducted annually in every U.S. state and several other countries, serving local and international high school students. HOBY programs provide students selected by their schools to participate in unique leadership training, service-learning and motivation-building experiences.

HOBY also provides adults with opportunities to make a significant impact on the lives of youth by volunteering. Over 4,000 committed HOBY volunteers plan and execute the programs each year, serving both at the local HOBY affiliate level and on HOBY’s Board of Trustees. Due to the selfless efforts of volunteers and the contributions of generous donors, nearly 10,000 students participate in HOBY programs annually.

Today, over 375,000 proud alumni make HOBY stronger than ever. HOBY alumni are leaders in their schools and communities, throughout the United States and the world, making a difference for others through service. Want to see the impact of HOBY firsthand? Get involved as a student, school, parent, alumna/us, volunteer or supporter.

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation of New Jersey trains nearly 300 high school sophomores annually in the study of leadership on the personal, team, and community levels. Our leaders go on to serve their communities and affect positive change in the world, which means an investment in HOBY is an investment in your local community! Visit our testimonials to see just what HOBY has meant to our ambassadors.

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