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HOBY NYE Student AmbassadorsThese are some of the words that students, schools, parents, alumni, volunteers and supporters use to describe Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY). What does HOBY mean to you?

Founded in 1958, HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. HOBY programs are conducted annually throughout the United States, serving local and international high school students.

The New Jersey Leadership Seminar, now in it’s 38th year, provides youth throughout New Jersey selected by their schools a unique 3-day motivational  leadership training, service-learning and motivation-building experience. NJ HOBY also provides adults with opportunities to make a significant impact on the lives of youth by volunteering.

Today, over 375,000 proud alumni make HOBY stronger than ever. HOBY alumni are leaders in their schools and communities, throughout the United States and the world, making a difference for others through service. Want to see the impact of HOBY firsthand? Get involved as a student, school, parent, alumna/us, volunteer or supporter – simply select the area of your choice!

The HOBY Story – Inspiring Change, Changing Lives

Every year over 280 New Jersey high school sophomores, and over 90 volunteer staff and guest lecturers will attend the New Jersey Leadership Seminar!

The Three Day Seminar

A core aspect of our leadership development program is our three day leadership seminar. Over the course of the extended weekend we aim to teach the students how to think, not what to think. By the conclusion of the seminar we strive to have inspired each attendee to improve and impact their community.

The program is designed to develop the students’ existing talents, nurture and discover their leadership potential, and challenge them to expand their comfort zone. Our curriculum is well rounded focusing on personal leadership, group leadership, and leadership for our society. The activities are interactive, engaging, and collaborative. Team work is stressed as an important skill for a successful leader to possess.

Each year, over 200 students enroll in our regional program. We welcome you—or a student you know—to be one of them.

Attending Our Seminar

Our seminar is targeted at high school sophomores. High schools—both public and private—in all of New Jersey’s counties are invited to send a representative. Home schooled students are also welcome to enroll.

Our annual seminar will be held on Friday, June 8th – Sunday, June 10th, 2017 at Kean University, located in Union, New Jersey. For information on how to register for the upcoming seminar, please contact

We suggest, after registering, that you periodic return to this page for updates.

More Information

To learn more about our program and the types of activities that may occur at the seminar, we invite you to browse the following document:

Leadership for Service (L4S) Challenge

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Ambassadors’ commitment to Leadership for Service (L4S), a national community service program, is changing their lives and enhancing the quality of life in their communities. L4S is specifically designed to raise the public’s awareness of young people as a resource for community problem-solving prepare young people to take on meaningful roles in community problem-solving, and develop the capacity of individuals, organizations, and institutions to provide meaningful service and leadership opportunities for youth.

HOBY alumni are encouraged to continue logging all of their community service and volunteer experiences in the years following their participation in a CLeW, a State Leadership Seminar, the World Leadership Congress (WLC) and the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA).

  • Alumni in their junior and senior years of high school are eligible for the HOBY L4S Challenge Award and the President’s Volunteer Service Award, if they serve and log at least 100 hours in the year following their HOBY experience.
  • Any alumnus who logs a total of 4,000 hours of service will receive the President’s Call to Service Award from HOBY.
  • In addition, the L4S log can be printed and used as an appendix for college applications, scholarship applications, internship applications, and other opportunities where alumni are asked to demonstrate their lifelong commitment to service.

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