The Alumni Association is the best way to stay involved in OUTSTANDING service projects, volunteer opportunities, and, of course, HOBY!

HOBY 2014 ServiceThe New Jersey HOBY Alumni Association consists of all ambassadors who have participated in an annual 3-day Leadership Seminar or a local 1-day Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW). Each member of the Alumni Association is encouraged to perform at least 100 hours of community service and to log those hours with HOBY International.

NJ HOBY 2009 ServiceThe New Jersey HOBY Alumni Association strives to develop relationships with local charities and service organizations. Strong connections have been made with such worthy entities as the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center (DDDC), St. Joseph’s Senior Home – Assisted Living & Nursing Center, 2NDFLOOR youth helpline, and GalmourGals. The NJ HOBY Alumni Association encourages all of its members to have a positive impact in their communities by carrying on a program of volunteer service and community involvement. The members of the Alumni Association have raised thousands of dollars and performed thousands of hours of volunteer work to benefit these worthy organizations and the people which they assist.

For more information on opportunities available to HOBY alumni and to stay involved with the NJ HOBY Alumni Association, check the Alumni section of or contact our Director of the Alumni Association for NJ HOBY, at

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